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Criminal Appeals Lawyer in Atlanta: Expert Representation for Your Case

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Navigating the complexities of the legal system in Atlanta, GA, particularly in the realm of criminal law, can be a daunting undertaking for individuals seeking to challenge their convictions. Atlanta criminal appeals lawyers are specialized legal practitioners who focus on reviewing cases post-judgment to identify errors in either the criminal trial process or the application of law that could have affected the outcome. Their expertise is critical in presenting a well-founded appeal that may lead to a reversal or modification of the original court decision.

Atlanta hosts a diverse array of criminal appeals lawyers, each bringing their own experience and knowledge to the table. The role of these attorneys is pivotal in ensuring that the appellate courts thoroughly examine the proceedings from the lower courts. Representation by a seasoned criminal appeals lawyer can make a significant difference in the appeals process, as they possess an in-depth understanding of the legal procedures and standards needed to argue for a client’s case successfully.

The appeal itself is a vital legal process that provides an opportunity for correction of errors and protection of defendants’ rights within the judicial system. In Atlanta, the intricate process of filing an appeal demands strict adherence to procedural rules, comprehensive legal research, and persuasive legal writing. Criminal appeals lawyers in Atlanta are equipped to navigate through multiple layers of appellate courts, from the Court of Appeals of Georgia to the Supreme Court of Georgia, ensuring that clients receive competent and effective legal representation in pursuit of justice.

Understanding Criminal Appeals in Atlanta

When a criminal defendant in Atlanta seeks to challenge a conviction or sentence, they often turn to the appeals process. This legal avenue allows for the review of a lower court’s decision by a higher one, such as the Georgia Court of Appeals or the Georgia Supreme Court, and involves very specific legal practices and principles.

Appeals Process and Procedures

The appeals process in Atlanta begins after a conviction or sentence is handed down by a trial court. The defendant, now the appellant, must swiftly file a notice of appeal to a higher court, such as the Superior Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals, or the federal courts if it’s a federal case. The appellate court reviews the trial court’s proceedings based on a written transcript and legal arguments presented in written briefs. Oral arguments may also be scheduled to allow for direct questioning by the judges.

Elements of a Successful Appeal

A successful appeal typically hinges on demonstrating trial court errors that affected the verdict or outcome. Examples of appealable issues include incorrect jury instructions, the admission of inadmissible evidence, or errors in the application of law. Ineffective assistance of counsel, a principle solidified by Strickland v. Washington, can also be grounds for appeal. Appellate lawyers meticulously scrutinize the trial record to identify such errors that might justify a retrial, new trial, or other forms of relief.

Legal Representation and Law Firms

Retaining experienced appellate lawyers, known for their work at renowned law firms, is crucial. The profile of an appeals lawyer might highlight years licensed, proven track record, and specific cases like murder or habeas corpus appeals. Firms like those led by Saraliene Durrett, Ryan Locke, and Kasey Libby often have a strong presence in the Atlanta appellate courts. When selecting a firm, consider seeking a free consultation to discuss legal advice, representation, and to protect your rights.

Your Rights and the Importance of Choosing the Right Lawyer

Defendants have the right to file an appeal and seek competent legal counsel to navigate the complexities of appellate law. The right lawyer, someone like Jill Polster or Jessica Ann King, can offer invaluable guidance, resources, and strategies. The reputation, commitment, and knowledge of attorneys such as Samantha O. Lennon are crucial in securing the best possible outcome. When choosing representation, one should consider a lawyer’s reputation, name, and understanding of the stringent rules and standards of appellate practice.

Profiles and Resources

This section provides detailed information about distinguished criminal appeals lawyers in Atlanta along with a guide to educational and legal resources.

Notable Criminal Appeals Lawyers in Atlanta

Saraliene Durrett, an alumnus of Emory University School of Law, offers extensive expertise in appellate practice. She is known for her personal approach to legal counsel, with emphasis on a free consultation to potential clients. Ryan Locke, from the University of Georgia’s School of Law, stands out for his adept representation in Georgia’s appellate courts including the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Charles R. Lipcon and Kasey Libby, offering services at their respective law firms, carry a reputation bolstered by years of experience and recognition by platforms such as Best Lawyers. Libby, a Georgia State University College of Law graduate, has been licensed for over a decade. Jill Polster and Jessica Ann King, with prominence in criminal defense, provide seasoned guidance for complex appeal cases. Samantha O. Lennon, educated at the University of Miami School of Law, further adds to the pool of skilled attorneys passionate about criminal defense.


Law School

Years Licensed


Saraliene Durrett

Emory University School of Law

Not Specified

Free Consultation Available

Ryan Locke

University of Georgia

Not Specified

Supreme Court of Georgia Experience

Charles R. Lipcon

University of Miami School of Law

Not Specified

Listed in Best Lawyers

Kasey Libby

Georgia State University

10+ Years

Extensive Appellate Practice

Jill Polster

University of Kansas School of Law

Not Specified

Criminal Defense Specialist

Jessica Ann King

Cumberland School of Law

Not Specified

Defense Attorney Expertise

Samantha O. Lennon

University of Miami School of Law

Not Specified

Criminal Defense Focus

Educational and Legal Resources

For those seeking further education or resources on criminal appeals, the University of Georgia and the Georgia State University College of Law provide solid foundations. Both institutes offer insights into legal counseling and are part of the University System of Georgia. Research tools and legal databases like Avvo can aid in the quest to find a lawyer, while publications such as Georgia Trend Magazine showcase notable legal profiles and law firm achievements.

  • Legal Forums: Offer access to discussions, case studies, and peer guidance.
  • State Bar of Georgia: An essential resource for licensing, ethical guidelines, and professional development.
  • Local Seminars and Workshops: Often hosted by law schools and firms, providing hands-on learning and networking.
  • Online Directories: Platforms like Avvo help in finding criminally specialized appeal lawyers with detailed lawyer profiles.