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Criminal Defense in West Palm Beach

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Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony charge, you need a headstrong criminal defense in West Palm Beach attorney on your side. A good lawyer is well-versed in the law and able to spot any small procedural errors that could damage your case.

Your attorney spends a lot of time at the courthouse, familiarizing herself with judges and prosecutors through regular interaction. She understands their temperaments, tendencies and patterns that can help with a winning strategy for negotiation or trial.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are non-violent offenses that involve deceit and theft for financial gain. They are often state or federal felony offenses and can carry severe penalties including incarceration. They can also damage your reputation and business.

A West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney experienced in handling these complex cases can help you fight your charges. Your lawyer can build a strong legal defense and closely examine all aspects of your case from the start. Small procedural errors can have a devastating impact on your case.

The key to fighting white-collar crime charges is demonstrating lack of intent. A skilled West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney has the ability to explain the circumstances of your case and show that you were not actively involved in any wrongdoing.

Retail Theft

As the name suggests, retail theft or shoplifting is a type of theft committed against a store. While laws against this crime have become less severe over the years, it is still a serious offense. It is important to hire a West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney as soon as you suspect you might be charged.

If merchants have probable cause to believe that you are in possession of stolen property, their staff may take you into temporary custody. You can resist these attempts without incurring false imprisonment charges as long as you do not use force.

A seasoned theft lawyer knows how to defend clients against property crimes and can reduce the charges, if not secure a dismissal of the case altogether. We have earned many charge reductions and trial acquittals on behalf of our clients.

Sex Crimes

A sex crime conviction can ruin your reputation and destroy family, friendships, relationships and even career. It can also lead to a lifetime of financial limitations including restrictions on employment, housing and student loans.

When it comes to sex crimes, the state is especially aggressive in prosecuting defendants and often seeks harsh sentences. Defendants must therefore present a strong defense in order to defeat these charges.

In adult sex offense cases, one of the most common defenses is consent. However, it must be clear that the alleged victim was of legal age and of sound mind to give consent. In child sex crimes, it must be shown that the accused did not know the alleged victim was under the age of 16. An attorney can also use affirmative defenses like lack of intent or provocation.

Violent Crimes

Whether it’s assault and battery, sexual assault or any other type of violent crime, being arrested for a serious criminal offense can have life-altering consequences. A conviction can tarnish your reputation and make it difficult to secure employment or maintain relationships. A West Palm Beach violent crimes lawyer can help.

Ideally, you want a criminal defense attorney who will go to work right away examining the evidence and building your case for a strong defense. They can help you avoid jail time by proving that you did not commit the crime, for example by arguing that you were wrongfully identified or that eyewitnesses’ testimony was biased. They can also argue that you were acting in self-defense. In addition, they can help you negotiate a reduction in the charges against you.

Drug Charges

Drug charges can be very serious and a conviction can have a profoundly negative impact on all aspects of your life. A qualified West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights and provide a solid legal strategy.

The State needs to prove both actual possession and constructive possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances. Actual possession is when the police allege they found the narcotics on your person. Constructive possession is when the police allege they found narcotics in a place that you control and where you have exclusive access.

It is also illegal to possess, sell or distribute prescription medications that you do not have a valid doctor’s prescription for. Our experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney has a deep knowledge of state and federal laws that govern drug offenses and can use that to your advantage.